5 Essentials for a Splashing Pool Party

May 09, 2018

5 Essentials for a Splashing Pool Party

We know you’re all pretty pumped about pool parties during summer. Who doesn't, right? Dipping into the cold water under the scorching summer sun is definitely an epic activity not to miss. From refreshing cocktails to charming floaters, here are 5 essentials to bring for a splashing pool party.


But of course, sunscreen should be first on your list. Don’t forget to dab some sun protection cream on your face and body before you go sloshing in the pool. Be generous in applying and reapplying the lotion to keep your skin protected even for hours. Remember, sunscreen must be put at least 15 to 30 minutes so that the skin can fully absorb the ingredients.


Pool parties will never be complete without some good and tuneful beats. Have a fun and exhilarating pool escapade with the help of a speaker. It is best to pick those waterproof and floatable speakers for nonstop entertainment.

Cocktails and Snacks

The best way to beat the summer heat is through these refreshing cocktails. From chilled sangria to colorful popsicles, take these invigorating treats while having fun in the pool. If you’re pool partying with kids, frozen fruit drinks are great! And of course, pair your drinks with some healthy snacks. To save money, prepare your own snacks also to ensure that what you are eating is deliciously nutritious food.


These inflatable toys aren’t just charming but also very functional. Floats are very useful for those non-swimmer guests as it lets you float on the water conveniently. Now, you can even do sunbathing right in the pool. There are also floats for your drinks and even for games like the inflatable bar and beer pong table.


A nice, comfy towel will be your friend after a long, fun day in the pool. You don’t want to stay sticky and soaked all day long, right? So, don’t forget to stack some snug wraps on deck to make you comfortable. To keep your towel and other dry stuff in place, choose an oversized bag.

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