5 Must-Try Cafes in Milan

May 01, 2018

5 Must-Try Cafes in Milan

Milan is anything but chic and classy. This compact city is beaming with fascinating sites and structures scattered within the metropolis. To fully incorporate the Milanese culture during your trip, explore some of the must-try cafès and you’ll find yourself falling in love with Milan even more.

10 Corso Como Café

The eccentric elegance of 10 Corso Como Cafè makes it one of the most visited cafès in the city. Fringed with lush background of perennial plants and flowers, the cafè is not just a fashion and design pillar but also a favored romantic spot after a full day of shopping.

Crazy Cat Café

If you are a self-confessed cat lover, then get your kitty fix at Crazy Cat Cafè. The real hosts in the cafè are the nine rescued cats who’ll make sure that you'll get a rather cozy feeling while you're inside their home. From cats to cuddles to cakes, Crazy Cat Cafè is definitely a place to unwind with the help of these adorable furry friends.


A laid-back cafè located in Via Felice Casati, Pavé is always a standout because of its homey atmosphere, vibrant design, and variety of pastries. Even from afar, you can smell the tempting aromas emerging from the open workspace. All the tasty goodies are baked right in front of you, making you stay a little longer and try almost everything on the array of treats.

Upcycle Milan Bike Café

Tailored with beautiful bike-related decors, wooden tables, and hanging lights, Upcycle Milan Bike Cafè is a haven for cyclists and coffee lovers. The urban-styled space is created as a route stop for bikers wanting to have a sip of coffee and chat with fellow bikers. Not only that, the area offers bike repairs and maintenance.


Dine and relax like a Milanese at Marotin. This small, shabby chic cafè in Via Archimede serves the tastiest apple cake in town. Marotin’s fascinating pastel colors and apple cakes are not the only attractions but also its equally delectable croissants and cappuccinos.

These scenic and charming spots are definitely a must-visit. And of course, you would want to look good when visiting these places. Don’t forget to incorporate an elegant and minimalist watch to your outfit. Here are some great options from our Clarence Collection.

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