Breathtaking Retreat Spots in Bali

April 18, 2018

Breathtaking Retreat Spots in Bali

Behind the bustling streets of Indonesia nestle the most serene retreat destinations that you can discover in the warm island of Bali. There are just places on earth that will change your life in one swift, and Bali is blessed with the right ones. Experience a meditating and blissful holiday to be treasured for a lifetime in some of the island’s meditating and blissful sanctuaries

Bali Silent Resort

Spending a week in Bali Silent Resort creates a soul-nourishing experience that there’s no other way around for visitors but to extend their journey. Surrounded by the majestic sight of rice fields and mountains, the yoga-themed retreat place sets a tranquil, wifi and TV-free nature which offers meditation and yoga programs. A lasting reward of profound contemplation and inner exploration - this eco-sanctuary will teach you how to embrace silence while being in total connection with nature and yourself.

Fivelements Bali Retreat


Getting engulfed in an all-tuned body, mind and spirit healing while being wrapped in an interactive, rich Balinese culture is what this nature-friendly sanctuary of Puri Ahimsa awaits your footsteps. It promotes holistic personalized programmes that give way to an in-depth spiritual, physical and emotional connection while going through a traditional healing journey. This wellness retreat has been internationally recognized for its innovative and sustainable functionality throughout the years.

Omunity Bali

Take a step away from the busy crowd of urban life, and nuzzle in an untouched retreat of wildlife, temples, and farms in Sudaji’s Omunity Bali. While zoning through your spiritual journey, this local green destination perfectly accommodates a nature-conscious experience. The resort helps promote a cross-culture experience while preserving Balinese tradition.

Zen Resort Bali

Zen Resort Bali is a blend of luxury and simple Balinese culture, with its lavish 14 and 12 villas that are ideally built to welcome visitors with the most authentic Balinese cuisine, tradition and spiritual wellness. The resort offers a sweeping view of the Bali Sea while letting you indulge in a relaxing holistic living.

COMO Shambhala Estate

This luxurious, wellness-focused destination breathes the tag of “retreat for change” - an ideal getaway located near Ubud’s cultural center which carves a healthy lifestyle for people. Payangan’s gem, COMO Shambhala Estate matches its various healing activities with its innovative, modern facilities in full sophistication.

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