Essentials for a Street-Chic Style

June 03, 2018

Essentials for a Street-Chic Style

Looking for ways to create a show-stopping ensemble? Choosing the right fashion essentials for a street-chic style could be tedious and time-consuming. But fret no more because you can now make your own fashion statement and conquer the streets with these must-have pieces.

Leather Jacket

As always, a leather jacket is one of the most versatile pieces for a street-chic fashion. Owning one gives you an edge to create a look worth the second glance. There are so many creative variations you can do with your favorite leather jacket like matching it with a plain white tee paired with faux leather leggings or suiting it up with a summer dress to pull off a sweet yet rebellious vibe.

White Tee

Whether it’s a plain or statement white tee, these tops are simply irresistible, especially during your lazy days. Combine them with a leather skirt or a pair of high waist jeans, then you’re good to go! How simple is that?

Denim Jeans

Opting for a laid-back street style with a hint of chicness? You’ll never go wrong with the classic denim jeans. Denim jeans should be part of your wardrobe capsule, and you can certainly rock them with almost anything in your closet, from statement t-shirts and off-the-shoulders top to cosy flannel shirts and sexy crop tops.

Classic Heels

A pair of classic heels is and will always be a fashion staple not to miss. You can definitely shape up lots of daring combinations with the help of your trusty heels. Pair your favorite stilettos with a timeless LBD, a formal office wear or even rugged denim style. Never limit your fashion sense and go for something unique!


Sometimes, you need to take a break from your luxe high-heels and wear your simple and snug pair of sneakers. Don’t be afraid to keep it cool and casual by opting for an urban chic fashion with your ever comfy shoes. Plus, this could be your go-to essential for running errands or even for going out on a date.

Signature Accessories

Finish off your look with your signature accessories. Often than not, you need some statement ornaments to make your look complete. And the great thing about jewellery is that you have endless options― necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, scarves, belts, bags and watches. Mix and match these accessories and create your signature style.

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