Fun Facts About Pineapples

June 05, 2018

Fun Facts About Pineapples

These bright and sweet tropical fruits are downright tasty (not to mention, Instagram-worthy!) Pineapples are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes that help boost the immune system and aid indigestion. And if you’re a certified pineapple lover, here are some fun facts about your fave fruit.

A Famed Explorer’s Discovery

The pineapple was first discovered by distinguished Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus in 1493 on the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. However, pineapples were already native fruits in Brazil and Paraguay, even before the discovery.

Fast Regeneration, Slow Maturation

Pineapples easily regenerate! You can just plant them and welcome a new one. But a single pineapple needs about 18-20 months, roughly  3 years to reach its maturation; hence, the hefty price tag! Accordingly, pineapples are a bundle of many of fruitlets.

The Hawaiian Pineapples

Even if pineapples are not a native to the Hawaiian islands, surprisingly, the place produces around 1/3 of the world’s total production of pineapples. Yes, these spectacular islands are giving cane sugar and macadamia nuts a good run for their reputation. And in case you do not know, the popular Dole Food Company was founded in the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1851 by James Drummond Dole.

The Solely Edible Bromeliad

Uniquely, the pineapple holds the record as the only fruit from the family of monocot flowering plants that is edible. That is why pineapples are undeniably the most popular Bromeliad that contains an abundant amount of bromelain enzymesㅡ the beneficial substance that digests proteins to help reduce inflammation as well as protect the immune system.

Pretty Pineapples, Pretty Flowers

Pineapples are not just tasty, but also pretty (especially the flowers!) Depending on where the pineapples were grown, the pineapple flower could be a mix of lavender and bright red, sometimes with a hint of pink. Adorable mélange of colors, right?

The Perfect Pineapple Cut

The sweetest and the healthiest part of the pineapple is the outermost flesh. So, you need to thinly shave off the sides and leave the eyes. The eyes are normally positioned in diagonal rows, and you can get them out by making V-shaped cuts. Remember, a fully ripe pineapple is easily perishable, so you need to eat as soon as possible.

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