Historical Spots To Visit in London

May 03, 2018

Historical Spots To Visit in London

Without a doubt, London is considered as one of the most visited destinations in the world. Why not? It is filled with everything under the sun, from breathtaking landscapes to historical sites that continue to attract travelers in a rather magical way.

Buckingham Palace

Since the 18th century, the Buckingham Palace has become the abode of the royal family. The historical site is popularly known for the Changing of the Guard, and of course, the vibrant scenery outside the palace. To make your trip more worthwhile, don’t forget to try the traditional afternoon tea. From May to September and December, the influx of tourists is quite overwhelming but these months are the best seasons to witness its spectacular setting.

Big Ben and The Parliament

Even from afar, you can witness the array of towering, golden sites standing high within the cityscape. And inside the scape of lofty fortifications lies a giant clock with a sound echoing the entirety of the city. Big Ben is actually the ‘Great Bell’ inside the iconic clock. Just minutes away from the lofty structure is the Parliament that shaped the history of politics of London.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

A masterpiece from the great Christopher Wren, St. Paul’s Cathedral is truly a sight to behold. This Anglican Cathedral has stood the test of time since the 6th century and is the symbol of strength and hope of the city. Over the years, the religious structure has been known not just for its significance but also its awe-inspiring architectural design.

Westminster Abbey

Another bygone structure that’s worth the visit is the Westminster Abbey. Featuring highly-classical Gothic architecture, the church is one of the finest and most significant religious sites in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1065 by Edward the Confessor, the place has seemingly become a notable spot for coronation, wedding and burial rites.

Tower Bridge

This sky-high twin-tower bridge is undeniably one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. The Tower Bridge is standing 200 feet above the stirring River Thames and was built during the 18th century. Surprisingly, this isn’t particularly the famed London Bridge but rather part of the five notable London Bridges. The best way to witness its stunning grandeur is by going on a river cruise along the river.

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