How to Nail a Stylish and Snug Airport OOTD

May 15, 2018

How to Nail a Stylish and Snug Airport OOTD

Looking forward to your next travel destination? We bet you are! But of course, every destination begins with a starting point, and probably the most popular one is at the airport. That means you should start your adventure with a stylish and snug airport OOTD.

Comfy Clothes

Aside from being stylish, your comfort is your utmost priority, especially if you’re on a long-haul flight. So, layering is definitely important to make your stay inside the flying capsule more worthwhile. Elevate a simple tee and leggings combination with a bomber jacket or duster coat. Then, complete your ensemble with a pair of sneakers or low-heeled sandals. Now, that’s chic and comfy!


For colder destinations, a snug scarf can do its magic with a dash of style and sophistication. This multipurpose fashion essential can also be your jacket or even blanket so you can ditch some heavy layerings. Plus, you can style them as you want then tuck them inside your bag after. Truly, a go-to fashion piece!


An airport OOTD will never be complete without your ever reliable sunglasses. This is definitely a staple not just to step up your fashion but also protect your eyes. This sleek accessory also sharpens your getup. Choose the right sunglasses that complements the shape of your face.

Statement Accessories


Conquer the airport runway with some statement accessories― whether you opt for the golden hoops, the classical pearls, the fancy bangles or the dainty necklaces. These fashion add-ons transform a casual outfit into a head-turner look.

Travel Wallet

To keep your must-have documents in order, you need a wallet that can store your travel essentials, including money, identification cards, tickets, and passports. You may opt for a bright, customized travel wallet to keep up with your style.


Get ready for takeoff with this nice and sturdy handbag. Opt for something that is easy to bring and comes with plenty of compartments for your things so that you just have to bring one bag. Bringing lots of bags can often lead to misplacement and disappointment.


To finish off your airport outfit, you need a classical wrist watch to tone down your ensemble yet still keep it elegant. If you’re looking for a beautiful range of modern and minimalist stainless steel watches, check out our Clarence Collection for some finely crafted pieces perfect for an airport OOTD.

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