How to Pull Off a Sophisticated Office Style

May 23, 2018

How to Pull Off a Sophisticated Office Style

Working is never meant to be dull and static. Enjoy every moment, and you can do that by starting with your office ensemble. Yes, you heard it right. What you wear to work often affects your mood; hence, your productivity. So, make the most out of your working days by pulling off some sophisticated office styles that are worth the second look.

The Classic White Button Down

You will never go wrong with a casual yet highly-polished look— courtesy of your white button down. Button downs are considered one of the safest office-looks (not to mention, simply sophisticated!) That is why you can always rely on these classic office staples at any day of the week. But you need to step up the game and put some colors to your ensemble.

The Layering Magic

If you’re running late, then simple layering would do its magic. Pick a top of your choice (like a structured blouse, silk top or even a plain white tee), then finish it off with a nice blazer. If you opted for plain hues for your upper, you can play with colors for your lower clothing or go for a monochromatic style. And ta-da, you’re off to go in fashion and sophistication!

Dress It Up

Feeling a little sassy for work? Take your favorite formal dress into action. Opt for a decent pair of shoes that match your outfit. Also, you can throw some statement accessories like bangles, necklaces, earrings and bags to catch the crowd’s attention in a heartbeat. Make sure not to overdo things because sometimes, it’s how you carry yourself and not with the number of fashion essentials you incorporate into your outfit.

Captivating Combination

For those with a penchant for show-stopping styles, the office runway is always open for you! Make your workwear as fashionable as it is with the help of your sophisticated fashion choices. Take a cue on how this polka dots top perfectly complemented the wide-leg pants. And oh, the statement belt is a great charm too!

Stylish Skirt

Stylish skirts like pleated velvet, bell-shaped, A-Line and fishtail are all office-style-worthy ensembles. These outfits are already head-turner so you can tone down your upper clothing. But of course, you can still elevate your style with some stylish embellishments like bags and watches. And if you’re looking for a perfect wristwatch to suit up your office style, check out our Clarence Collection for some nice pair of modern stainless steel watches.

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