Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Watch

April 11, 2018

Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Watch

Even with the advent of smartwatches, most people still depend on analog watches as one of their go-to accessories. Well, these watches are very handy and timely. And upgrading your current watch is a great move, especially if you have been using your old watch for more than decades now. Now is the right time to switch to a new watch that can last for another age.


Rust on your watch means it’s time to get them cleaned or let them go. Having this physical defect is very unappealing, plus it would largely affect the condition of your watch. Rust is often caused by moisture.So to prevent this dilemma, it’s best to keep your watch out of the water and get it serviced immediately if water gets into the piece.

Water Damage

Aside from rust, water moisture can get very annoying on your watch, especially if it’s tagged as automatic water resistant. This happens when water gets inside your watch and condensation occurs. Though condensation is a minimal concern that may dry up in a few days, there are instances that it can cause serious damage to the hardware. Accordingly, this is one important feature to consider before you start canvassing for your watch upgrade.

Peeling and Cracking of Strap

If you own a leather watch, peeling and cracking of the strap is one common wear and tear problem. This downside gives an unattractive look to your entire ensemble. Hence, most watches do not really last a lifetime because of this issue. To prevent this kind of damage, take note that excessive humid is not the only cause but also excessive drying. Always keep your watch from direct sunlight and keep it free from dust.

New Designs

There are seriously lots of new watch designs in the market, from stainless steel case white dial to silver case silver sunray dial and silver case black dial. These watches are great travel and fashion accessories.  And if you’re looking for a nice range of minimalist and modern stainless steel watches, check out our Clarence Collection that features classic black, pretty pink and sophisticated leather watches.

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