Scenic Dining in Tuscany

April 16, 2018

Scenic Dining in Tuscany

The classic laid-back vibe of Tuscany’s countryside offers a perfect alfresco dining experience. Hemmed with medieval fortifications and lush scenery, dining out in the historical and high-cultured city in Italy is one for the books. Here are some of the scenic restaurants in town that will surely make your Tuscany trip more worthwhile apart from its bucolic landscape of vibrant colors.

Il Falconiere

If you want to experience an exceptional fine dining, this 1 Michelin Star Restaurant is a top-notch destination for your hungry tummy and prying eyes. Nestled in San Martino a Bocena, this spa resort and restaurant brings the A-list game to top with its panoramic and romantic setting and a great selection of gourmet Italian cuisines and seafood dishes. The solar kitchen, as well as the spectacular theme that features classical and modern balance, make Il Falconiere a fantastic dining option.

Il Pellicano

Situated on the banks of the scenic village of Porto Ercole, Il Pellicano is another gem in Tuscany for food critics and wanderers alike. Highlighting a dining episode with a spectacular sea view and a stunning pool amenity, the restaurant tailors a traditional Tuscan style with a hint of glamour and romantic ambiance. Whether you opt to dine at the interior space or at the spacious veranda, the stunning views inside and outside are equally breath-snatching.

Enoteca Pinchiorri

A deep-sigh interior layout filled with vibrant hues, Enoteca Pinchiorri is the only 3 star Michelin restaurant in Tuscany. One of the best restaurants in the world, every diner will have an utterly gastronomic and unforgettable experience, from the locally-sourced menus to the fine-tasting wines. Rates could be pricier but definitely worth the splurge.

Villa Bordoni

For a one of a kind fine dining and wine experience along with awe-inspiring landscape of hills and lush trees, Villa Bordoni will never be a disappointment The restaurant is beautifully set in Chianti Classico, a famed wine production area in Tuscany where traditional and prestigious wine labels go perfectly together with the restaurant’s special Tuscan menu.

Piccolo Principe

This romantic rental villa is a luxury treat for those looking for a spectacular holiday spot with a scenic restaurant. The combination view of the poolside and ocean landscape is just the perfect setting for a picturesque fine dining. A two Michelin stars restaurant, you will be served with a menu accenting traditional and innovative Tuscan culinary delights. The venue is also popular for wedding events and such.

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