Scenic Flower Fields Around the World

June 04, 2018

Scenic Flower Fields Around the World

Flowers are downright charming and calming. These natural spectacles paint out stunning floral landscapes that bring ethereal vibes to wanderers. And breathtakingly, the world is blessed with scenic flower fields dispersed around the world. Now, it’s time to get that floral fix of yours and visit these beautiful vistas of flowers.

Keukenhof Gardens, The Netherlands

As always, the Netherlands will always hold a spot in the list of most breathtaking flower fields around the world. Located in Lisse, Keukenhof Gardens is a scenic sanctuary of vibrant tulips in different colors― pink, red, orange, white, yellow, violet and blue. There are over 7 million flowers that continue to dazzle travelers in a magical way. Accordingly, the garden offers the world’s largest flower assortment in one setting.

Sunflower Fields, Tuscany

When you visit Tuscany from June to mid-August, don’t miss the ever vibrant sunflower fields scattered along the highways of San Giovanni d’Asso, Siena, Leonina and Asciano. The great thing about these bright colored meadows is that they are right on the main road so you can witness its allure from your car window. If you want, you can also walk around the expansive patchwork of sunflowers, together with corns and wooded hills.

Lavender Fields, Provence

The fields of lavender in Provence is a delightful scenery that will surely warm your hearts. The calming lavender petals appear to follow the path of the Provence sun from sunrise to sunset. Drive around the Lavender Route during summer, where the fields of lilac seem to be endless.

Tulips of Valley, British Columbia

Wander around a walkway blessed with alpine mountains and radiant tulips in full bloom. The Tulips of Valley in British Columbia is a popular tourist spot, especially during the end of March to end of April, where the Agassiz Tulip Festival is celebrated. Aside from tulips, charming flowers like hyacinths and daffodils are also catching the crowds’ eyes.

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Stretching up to 190 hectares of vivid hues and spectacular wonders, the Hitachi Seaside Park is a dreamy destination year-round. From January to March, you will witness an array of grapeseed flowers. Come late April to May, the field is with be speckled with narcissus and tulip. Visit the place during mid-August for a beautiful wealth of green Kochia and sunflower. And during October, the green Kochia will now turn into stunning fields of red.

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