Tasty Macaron Flavors to Try

June 01, 2018

Tasty Macaron Flavors to Try

A sweet French delicacy, macarons have always been one of the most expensive yet downright popular almond-flour-based cookies. Why not? These tasty meringue cookies sandwiched together by different, palatable filings are totally eye candies. And here are some of the most sought-after macaron flavors that are worth the splurge.

Vanilla Buttercream

But of course, let’s begin with the basic French macaron, the vanilla buttercream macaron. Every bite of this classic treat defines how an authentic macaron should be— light, chewy cookies pinned with a smooth and tasty filling. Making the vanilla buttercream requires these main ingredients: unsalted butter, confectioners' sugar,  milk, and pure vanilla extract.

Strawberry & Cream

The endless variety of macaron hues will never be complete without these saccharine strawberry & cream macarons. And you won’t be disappointed with these classic light-flavored yet extremely addictive sweets. Pair them up with your favorite wine or cocktail and for sure you’ll savor more than a dozen macarons!

Lemon Curd

If you love fresh and citrus flavors, then you’ll need to hop on these bite-size lemon desserts. Lemon macarons are great morning indulgence and in between snacks. So, get some organic lemons and infused them into your macaron madness. You can incorporate them in the cookie shells, in the filling, or even both! And to tame the overly lemon tang, splash some cheese and ta-da, a citrusy and creamy filling you’d never forget.

Lavender & Vanilla

Without a doubt, these purple-colored macarons are downright charming and sophisticated. These two are a perfect combination for a laid-back afternoon tea party. And if you want a more distinct flavor, add some lemon or coconut to the filling. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate the freshness of spring with your favorite tea and these bright and delish desserts.

Chocolate Ganache

Last but definitely not the least, a cult favorite among sweets lover, these chocolate ganache macarons would make you fall in love with macarons even more. A serious delight for the sweet tooth, making the delectable filling is very easy. Mix the chopped chocolate with the warmed cream, stir, then add butter and stir again until smooth. Sandwich the cookie shells with the chocolate ganache and have fun until you run out of macarons.

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