The Iconic Skyscrapers in Dubai’s Skyline

June 12, 2018

The Iconic Skyscrapers in Dubai’s Skyline

If you are in Dubai, towering buildings are a plain sight, really. A skyline filled with breathtaking skyscrapers, Dubai continues to dazzles visitors in a very unconventional way. The massive upsurge of commerce, as well as tourism, paves way for an impressive transformation of this beaming metropolis now enveloped with lofty structures and distinctive architectural wonders. Here are some iconic skyscrapers in this booming Emirati city that are simply awe-inspiring.

Burj Al Arab

As there is no shortage of colossal buildings in the city, you can also expect for a number luxury hotels standing within the city ground and city coast. In Dubai, there lies the ever sophisticated and spectacular Burj Al Arab, which is considered as one of the most world’s luxurious hotels.

The Burj Khalifa

As Dubai’s skyline expands exponentially every year, it’s no wonder why it holds the tallest building in the world― the Burj Khalifa. In 2008, the city and the world welcomed this 828 m structure that was completed two years thereafter. This famed building features residential towers, hotels, shopping mall, and a dreamy artificial lake.

Marina 101

As the second tallest building in Dubai, Marina 101 still stands out among the crowd of tall structures. Positioned in the ever-bustling Marina district, this supertall residential building is oozing with beautiful aesthetic influences and art-deco designs. Conveniently, it features private apartments, restaurants and a hotel that easily perforate with the structure’s spectacular exterior design.

Cayan Tower

The Cayan Tower is unlike any other buildings in Dubai. Taking pride in its twisted architectural style, the unique edifice is one of the most distinct sites in the world, standing at 306 m. This  75-story skyscraper is often called as the Infinity Tower.

Princess Tower

Another impressive sight to behold is the Princess Tower, which is currently considered as the world’s second tallest fully residential building. Well, their ranking is really unstable as there are still upcoming supertall structures on the way. Still, this one is worth the mention as it brings over 100 floors and more than 700 apartments in one sky-high setting.

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