Travel Essentials for a Picture-Perfect Santorini Trip

April 10, 2018

Travel Essentials for a Picture-Perfect Santorini Trip

A vibrant array of white-washed cube houses nestled along towering cliffs, Santorini is undeniably one of the most recognized and romantic spots in the world. From volcanic-sand stretches to stunning blue waters, it’s not a surprise why this Greek island is considered a gem among travelers. Accordingly, you need to pack some essentials to make this trip downright memorable and picture perfect!

Casual Dresses

A beach escapade will always be associated with comfy casual dresses. Well, who would want to sport a pair of jeans or a fur jacket on this tropical island? Casual dresses are some of the perfect fashion pieces while you wander along the picturesque landscape. And ideally, these travel essentials are not just snug ensembles but also eye-candies! So, if you stroll around those white Cycladic houses, don’t forget to wear a catchy yet comfy dress.

Wide Brim Hats

Hide from Mr. Sun’s harmful rays with this casual wide brim hat. The great thing about hats is you can utilize it all throughout your travel, along with some go-to aviators. These are perfect for a sunny beach trip or a hot walk around the island. You don’t want to get those stingy burns or those annoying rays right on your face, right?


Of course, the camera is the most important accessory to capture all the memories of your trip. You may want to invest in a good and reliable camera, not just to take great photos but also save money, time and effort. Maps are also useful though there are already online apps that are readily available to make your excursion more convenient.

Beach Floaters

This isn’t just a lifesaver for those who do not know how to swim but also a great accessory for your beach photoshoots. Take a cue from the beautiful picture above. Look at how this big watermelon floater pops more colors to the already breathtaking blue landscape. The contrast of stunning hues is more than enough to make your trip a lot brighter and better.


Watches are great travel essentials. There are lots of attraction in Santorini and if you are on a limited duration, then you should have a timeline covering the places you should visit and the allocated time for each destination. And if you’re looking for the perfect watch for your island outing, take a look at our minimalist yet elegant pieces from The Clarence collection.

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