Venice: Travel and Fashion Guide

April 12, 2018

Venice: Travel and Fashion Guide

A melange of classical and stylish vibes, Venice is a coastal charm that is magical all year round. And if you have decided to witness its grandeur personally in a fascinating way, this travel and fashion guide is downright beneficial.

What to Pack

Often tagged as the city of canals or the floating city, Venice is very dreamlike and it’s very fitting to prepare all your travel essentials, including outfits and accessories, as stylish as you could be. To fit well with the Venetian style that highlights decadence and opulence, it best to pack tailored and sophisticated pieces, especially during winter. Accordingly, there are also certain dress codes in most religious sites. So don’t forget to bring some maxi skirts or casual long dresses. If you're traveling during summer, pack some comfy tees.

How To Get Around

Since this is a city surrounded by water, water, and more water, getting around the area is through a boat, Vaporetto, water taxi or gondola. These public transportations give you a glimpse of the spectacular canal views, which are downright romantic. Also, Venice is a small pedestrian metropolitan, so walking around is normal and a great exercise for your muscles. Well, a free walking tour is much advisable if you’re on a tight budget but still wants to dive into the beautiful history of Venice.

What to Visit

Venice is oozing with historical vibes and water vistas. And you will not be disappointed with the beautiful attractions speckled around the city. Some of the must-see archaic sites are St. Mark's Basilica & Campanile, Doge’s Palace, Piazza San Marco, Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge.

If you are an artsy traveler, then you’ll fall in love with Gallerie dell'Accademia, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Museo Correr and Teatro La Fenice. For those on the hunt for a more in-depth Venetian culture, don’t miss Burano, a breathtakingly colorful island within the Venetian lagoon that highlights vibrant-hued block-like structures and laid-back seafood stalls

Where to Eat

There’s no better way to enjoy Venice than to relish some tasty Venetian food. Do take note that the cost of living in the city is rather expensive, and that includes food. That is why most budget-conscious travelers often take their main meal at lunch because the prices tend to be lower during that time. And if you want to save more money, there are also plenty of great markets that are far more affordable than eating in some fancy restaurants like Bistrot de Venise, Al Covo, Restaurant La Caravella and Algiubagio. The local farmer’s market offers an extensive variety of food, from refreshing fruits to fresh seafood.

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