Ways to Get the Perfect Beach Waves

May 31, 2018

Ways to Get the Perfect Beach Waves

Enjoy a warm summery state year round with your perfect beach waves. These beachy waves are tailored-made for beach escapades and are loved by fashion gurus and beauty lovers alike. Well, if you are one of them, this guide is a manna from heaven. Here are some of the best beauty tricks to get those perfectly loose and charming curls.

Sea Salt Spray

A legit sea salt spray is a must-have for making those beach waves. There are lots of commercial products but you can make your own by mixing 2 cups of hot water, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of hair gel. Some people would often use the spray after curling their hair because it’s quite drying and sticky. But if you choose a spray with some oil in it, then you can use it as a starter. Work through the sections of your damp hair and gently tousle to give volume.

Curling Iron

It’s time to whip your curling iron to test! Don’t forget to prep your tresses with a thermal protectant or you can use beach spray with oil. Opt for a two-inch barrel so that you’ll have perfectly loose waves rather than those very tight curls. Start curling random three-inch sections then hold it for around 5 seconds. Let it drop then pull the ends to finish off a nice beach wave.

Flat Iron

If you can’t find your curling iron, then a flat iron would make some magic. An important trick to incorporate while you use this hair equipment is to make sure that it is facing down instead of having the iron function horizontally. Create tension, twist then pull your hair downward.

Twisted Buns

Go back to basics with these no-heat waves. This technique does not need any hair equipment and is suitable for busy, modern-day ladies. Just dampen your hair then twist at least 4 sections of your hair into cute little buns. Secure with an elastic. Sleep on them and unwrap those twisted buns in the morning. Shake your hair and ta-da— perfectly loose beach waves!


Another easy technique to pull of that charming beach wave look is to sleep in a couple of damp braids. You can also keep your braids all day for heavier curls. Once you untangle the braids, spray some sea salt spray or add some mousse to finish off your look!

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